Kitchen and Bath Design

Includes measuring of the room; A written estimate will be provided complete with cabinet layout, countertops, hardware, and any miscellaneous accessories.  Also included are elevations and perspective of design.   One bathroom can be combined with a kitchen.  If no kitchen, up to three bathrooms per project.  Design fee is deducted from the cost of project if cabinets are purchased. (minimum purchase of $5000)

Home Staging

Includes the evaluation of home -- exterior and interior; Can be done on a per room basis or whole house.  Initial appointment typically lasts about an hour,  depending on size of property.  Paid service includes a written evaluation with recommendations on work that should be completed in each room.  Estimates on cost of furniture rental can be provided if necessary

Design Consultation

Initial consult is free of charge and typically lasts between 1-2 hours.  It involves getting an idea of the scope of the project.  We will talk about likes/dislikes of your existing kitchen (or bath) and what you would like accomplished.  We can discuss different products available, timeline of project, and most importantly the budget! If you would like to proceed with project I would collect a small retainer and take measurements of the space. (see kitchen & bath design)

Color Analysis

Need help choosing paint colors for your room?  Analysis includes up to three rooms.  Consultation is generally 1 hour; a written evaluation is given on paint choices for room(s).  Paint swatches given free of charge.  Small paint samples $10 each.

Tile Design

Done on a Per room basis for kitchen or bathroom.  Service includes measuring the space and providing a sketch of tile design.  May include flooring and/or backsplash.  In bathrooms, design for tub or shower area as well as floor (as necessary).  Will make suggestions on tile pattern but does not include shopping for actual tile.  This can be done for an additional charge (per hour)

Basic Interior Design Service  (as related to kitchen or bath design)

Service includes all items from Kitchen and Bath design (see above) but also includes coordinating all the elements/materials in the space to insure a cohesive look.  It involves more in-depth help with matching cabinet stain/paint color with countertops, tile, paint, carpet, etc.  Fee is for design services only and not for actual purchasing of product.  Fee is non-refundable.   

Project Management

Service includes overseeing the entire renovation.  Receive all materials, work with (as needed) the different trades associated with the project.  Make sure contractor has all necessary drawings for the job and can meet with him/her to discuss project.  On site visits during renovation to answer any questions by plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.  Total "hand holding".